Second Menu

I have a primary menu which is working great. I want to add another item to it called “important documents” and then have a sub-menu that opens when you hover over it with the pages that are relevant. How do I do this? I have tried to create a separate menu, but I can’t link it to the primary menu.


Hello @shonaguthrie,

It seems like you just need to set up a the primary menu with the “documents” link to it, and then just add sub-menu to this item.

To achieve this you need to access Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and select yor primary menu.

Then add your “important” page to the same menu and only after you can create your sub-menu, by adding other pages to the primary menu and drag and drop them under the “important” link.

Let me know if you got this alright, I hope it is clear enough.

Just add all your pages to the menu and then drag and drop the submenu items under the parent menu.
If you are having trouble to create the scrollable links just have a look here at #4