Second Sidebar implementation for Sparkling WordPres theme

I really really really love this theme… but it is such a bummer its only one sidebar!!!

I’ve tried adding another sidebar by doing such:

  1. Created another file sidebar2.php
  2. Made sure I called it in my index.php and functions.php file. It’s done right because when I go to my widgets section, I can see my new Sidebar 2 and I can put widgets in it.

The issue I seem to be having is having it displayed in my site using the CSS… I’ve shrunken my main content area and my original sidebar size but the new sidebar won’t appear…

You may have a look at my site:

What code you have added inside index.php as it appears that there is nothing second sidebar related printed in your website source. Which means that there is an error in your code.

Also you approach for aligning things will make disastrous effect on mobile devices. I would recommend to hire a developer to do this task. The best places to find a freelancers are oDesk and