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I’ve tried so many one page themes and I love the way Shapely uses widgets for the sections. One issue I encounter is adjusting section heights. When I increase the padding or margin of a section with parallax background, instead of showing more of the image, the section below gets pushed down and more white space appears. Also, when I try to decrease the margin or padding of the features or CTA sections, the formatting gets screwed up and white space shows up below the sections. I am doing all of this through developer tools in Chrome. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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We would need to have a look at the page to see what is causing this. Could you provide a link to the website?

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Thanks for the quick response! The website is
I am trying to increase the height on the small parallax background section (5th section) and decrease the height on the features and CTA sections (6th and 7th sections).
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