Section Titles 'disappearing'


Love the theme, though seem to be having issues with the section titles, i.e about us, news, services.

Seems to be fine when I am in the admin customizer page, but as soon as I log out or look at it on a different computer they disappear!


Thanks a lot for the help,



I have the exact same problem. Section titles and some footer section can be found when i’m not logged. So basically if i’m a normal user of the website I will not see the complete web site…

Please do you have any idea of what’s going on?


Due to some recent changes, all fields must be re-saved in order to appear on the website.

You just need to add your own text and save and publish the customizer for all the missing fields.

Please confirm you got this alright.



I had to re-install the theme and then it worked. I don’t really understand what happened.

Thank you.