Secundary menu

I’m building a multiple page website with different subjects.
Because of the different subjects we want a different menu according to the different subjects.
I tried to chance the php codes but it doesn’t work.
How can i add a secondary menu instead of the primary menu?

Hello @findebetouw,

I’m kind of missing the issue here.

If you want to change the menu, just go to Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and change the items.

Sorry if I don’t understand what you want to achieve, maybe you can provide additional information.


Well the problem is this:
Our website: has a menu with nothing in it (primary menu), this because we’ve got 4 different visitors. We don’t want to show the whole menu to all the visitors. So if someone is interested in the traineeship the don’t need to see the information about international.
Sometimes it is possible to add a secundary and thirt menu. So I want to show a second (totally different) menu underneath the different subjects.

I hope you understand what I mean.
(I dont need a overall primary menu, every subject needs a different menu, who has the same look and works the same).



I was looking at a plug today that might do this for you.

Here’s what it says in the feature list.

Menu Restrictions :
This feature allows you to restrict each menu item from guests, members or specific user roles. Useful for displaying different menu items for different user types.


You might want to look at the above plugin or something similar.

Illdy does not come with secondary menus and from what I can tell this would not fix your issue.

What you’d need is a plugin or extensive custom work to display different menus depending on the type of logged in user, which I cannot assist you with.