"Select page" in mobile


I manage to put search form in my site dokudok.com, gratitude to Aigars : https://colorlibsupport.com/t/search-bar-and-social-network-icons-in-the-header/
But I have a problem in the navigation bar, if I browse with my mobile. A form that say “select page” apearred in the header, and it stretched my navigation bar. What must I do?

And I donot want to show the date and the author; I put 0px for them in the style.css, But they appeared in mobile. I donot have any knowledge in coding. Please help me

To hide mobile nav menu entirely you can add this code to Child Theme style.css or Jetpack Custom CSS if you use one of those.

.main-nav select {
    display: none;

Instead of using 0px, use display: none; and make sure that there is different settings for mobile and desktop done by using @media queries.

I manage hiding both

Dear Aigar,
About hiding the date, it still appear in the search page. When I added display: none, the search didnot load properly. What must I do to hide the date in the search page?

Still about the search page, is it possible to resize the featured image, shrinking it so it can appear in the left side of the ‘search result’?

To hide date in search result pages you can use this code:

.pinbin-date {
    display: none;

Search result pages should look like this when images are in the right size: https://colorlib.com/pinbin/?s=test