Self-hosted Video on WordPress website


I would like to know if it is possible to put video without Vimeo and Youtube.
I have tried to begin to put videos on Vimeo but as I don’t pay for Vimeo plus I have reached the limit quota and can’t put anymore video in it.

I have the function video on wordpress in the tool bar but my video are to big to be accepted.
and most of them are in .mp4 or .wmv.

Do you know a FREE converter video or a FREE compress video, that way I could put my video in my website ???


My suggestion is to never host your own videos unless you have outstanding server infrastructure.

The thing is that .mp4 videos on Safari and some other browsers are downloaded completely before they start playing. So it might take forever for your videos to load.

Also you are limited to your maximum file upload size set by your web hosting. It usually is something like 32MB or so which means that your videos are going to be very short or low in resolution.

Even if you don’t have any max size limit, you have decent server you will still lag behind performance provided by Youtube or Vimeo. They have servers in dozens of countries around the world and your video is hosted on all of them but you have only one server and you won’t be able to match their performance.