how i Can add re=nofollow to social link available on site?


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You would have to add it to the php template file located in inc/socialnav.php.

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something like this?

#social li a[href*=“” rel=“nofollow”] .fa:before,
.fa-twitter:before {
content: “\f099”

i add nofollow and icon dissapired

No, this is css file, you must add it in the .php file mentioned by my colleague here :slight_smile:

I add this information in php file :slight_smile: but like i wrote after adding this information all social media icon dissapired…

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Send me your admin details please, looks like you need my help
Please note, by default such changes are not supported but i will make exception

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did you checked it? I sent to you login by private

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There are no login credentials here, you need to send them here as a private reply.

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Looks like there is no need to change the code because we are using normal WordPress menu, please try this solution: