Service widget in about

Hi There,

I would like to use the service widget in the about section. It shows up fine, however the colour options are not displayed in the page, always grey. How can i get the colours to show?

Many Thanks,

Hello Lyle,

Do you have any issue with the service color when you place it in the appropriate section - services?

Can you maybe provide the website link?

I will try to replicate on my environment and see how it’s working.



No, there is no issue using the widget in services, it works fine.
Currently running on a local environment sorry.

Many Thanks,

Hello Lyle,

Unfortunately, the widgets seems to be dedicated to their own section.

I will ask the developers to consider improving the functionality of this because I can understand that every theme use is unique in every way, but I’m not sure why would you need to use the services in the about section.

I did some workaround, though, by copying all the service widget HTML content and paste it in a text widget that I used in the about section, so you might want to give this a try.

Best regards