Set "Dazzling Post Widget" Default to "Recent" instead of "Popular"

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the amazing theme, I’m looking to see if its possible to set the default to “recent”.


EDIT: Also, how do I swap out the font in a post from Times New Roman to something else?

An example would be this stuff:


I have already tried doing something along the lines of:

    font-family: Helvetica;

In custom CSS but it didn’t work

This theme by default uses “Helvetica Neue” and not Times New Roman. Maybe you have already changed fonts via Appearance - Theme Options - Typography.

If not you can change fonts like this via CSS:

    font-family: Helvetica;

You used very similar code but it had missing “.” at the beginning of CSS selector, so this code didn’t do anything.

For popular post widget:

  • Open file called popular-posts-widget.php which you can find in theme folder - inc.

  • There you should look for <li class="active">

  • Now that you have found this, you can replace it with a simple <li> and then change <li> on the next line of code with <li class="active">.
    This should do the trick.

In “Appearance – Theme Options – Typography”, it was still set as “Helvetica Neau”, maybe there was a bug in my installation?

Everything’s all sorted out now!

Thanks for your hard work~