Setting meta tags?

I use “your latest posts” rather than a static home page on my site.

How can I set the meta description of that page? As currently, it’s just pulling through info from the latest stories.

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Unfortunately, I did not clearly understand your question.

Kindly explain to me more on the same so that I may be able to advise further.

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So the meta description on my homepage, so that when you search Google it’s what appears under your link.

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you have to utilize Seo plugin like Yoast or all in one SEO pack for this problem, by default WordPress comes with basic options for meta tags and that’s why Seo plugins are handy to solve similar problems

We do have a plugin - SmartCrawl Pro - and we have set the homepage meta desc in there, but it’s not pulling through to the home page (because it’s selected as ‘your latest posts’)

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When you set your homepage as the latest post meta description will not be displayed because its not the page, basically, its archive and not the page and accordingly no meta description exist to display