setting up portfolio on seperate page not just on home page


Fantastic theme, thank you so much. Really excited to get this set up! Downloaded demo content and I think the widgets installed with the theme (they seem to be there anyway.

So I have 2 questions.

  1. I understand the process to follow to set up the portfolio, but this just seems to put in 1 image. How do I then link it to a project? and also how do I then add a dozen or so other images/ projects so they sit nicely next to each other like on the demo?

  2. In the demo you have the portfolio as a link/ menu item at the top of the page. How do I create the portfolio on a seperate page other than the homepage?

Sorry if I’m being a bit thick, new to all this!


Hi @printmaker,

Instal and activate Jetpack if you haven’t already.
Go to Jetpack -> Settings and enable Custom Content Types.
Enable Custom Content Types by clicking on “Configure”.
Now you can start adding portfolio items via WordPress dashboard -> Portfolio -> Add New.
Afterwards you should select Portfolio widget to be displayed on front page. You can do that by going to Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets -> Homepage and there select [Shapely] Portfolio for Home Widget.

Take a look here also:



Thanks Christian, I understand all that and can create the portfolio look so that it appears on the homepage under the main bigger image as in the demo, however, in the demo there is a link at the top of the page called portfolio that sends you straight to the portfolio, not the homepage. avoiding having to scroll down. Once I’ve created the portfolio on the homepage, how do I create that link?

Hi @printmaker,

Add a menu in appeareance> menu and create there a custom link menu that will point to your page called portfolio (dashboard>pages)



I am having the same difficulty. I want to create a page like the ‘projects archive’ page on the shapely theme, however, I do not know how to get my projects/portfolio to show there.

my home page has the portfolio which is great, but I can not create the seperate page that shows all the projects/portfolio items.

Please help?

Thankyou!! :slight_smile:

Create a new page that has the homepage template. Then in customise you can set it so that certain elements that usually show up on the homepage do not show up on the portfolio page. I think you set it so the elements ONLY show up on the actual homepage. This way yourseperate porfolio page will only have the portfolio showing. Add this page to your menu and a link will be created on all pages.

Thats awesome thankyou for getting back to me, that really helped :slight_smile:

For anyone that still doesnt know - as printmaker says set the page to homepage, but when it comes to the widgets, click on visability, then select show on - page - if its - “portfolio page” (or the name of the page you want) just make sure you set your homepage widgets to only show on the homepage. Hope that helps anyone else who is confused. :slight_smile: