Several questions about templates

Hi, I have stuck with several issues;
1-I couldn’t find how to add parallax widget to other pages, other than a home page. Actually, I cannot add any widgets apart from footer widgets. I want to have another page with big parallax image and a photo gallery similar to my homepage.(Please see screenshot)
2- I added download button on home page and linked it to pdf file in my media gallery. When clicked it redirects to pdf on the same tab. How can it be opened in the new tab?
3-I added a contact&about page and used WP forms to add a contact form. I also added some text about us. I want them to be in two columns - text on the left and the form on the right side. Now they are one under another. I couldn’t find how to rearrange them in columns. (Please see screenshot)
4-Is there a way to modify the location of text&buttons on home parallax image? It is right in the center, I want to move it down. (Please see screenshot)

I hope these are solvable issues,
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  1. The home page is a page template, and cannot be rearranged additionally, its not possible to have elements from the home page on other pages.
    In regards to the gallery
    Please view the following in regards to showing gallery on other pages: Tiled Gallery Block

  2. You can accomplish opening a new tab or window with a plugin: External Links – nofollow, noopener & new window – WordPress plugin |

  3. There isn’t a option to set column in the theme, you can try the use of a column plugin to accomplish this.
    Column Shortcodes – WordPress plugin |

  4. You can move the button down with the following CSS

Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

/*button height on parallax*/
.cover p{

Note* Please be mindful when adjusting the height of these button. Because of the parallax effect, on the header, the button may not look right at certain screen size, please use an appropriate height.

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Thank you for fast response. So, is there a way to use homepage template on different pages? I tried it, and here is what I get.
I create a new page, I assign homepage template, but what I see is a duplicate of the original home page. Whatever I change on this new page, is also changed on the original home page.

Can I have two independent pages with home page template applied?

Hi again,
This is about question 4, changing text&buttons location. I tried the suggested code, but it changes the distance between buttons and text. But I need to move buttons&text altogether. Please see the screenshot.
Is there a code to make this happen?
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