Several Small Questions - MySpace FontAwesome icon, slider on all pages

Greetings. I have several small questions so I thought to combine them into one thread.

  1. How do I add the slider to other places besides home? Does the slider have its own documentation somewhere explaining all it's uses? Can it be added inside a post or widget with a shortcode? How do I add it to a specific category or page? There are several pages I'd like to use the slider on because I have different home pages depending on the Role logging in.
  2. Is there a hook or place I can add a static image when I'm not using the slider. I'd like an image at the top of most of my site. Some code to the effect of IF NO SLIDER then USE THIS IMAGE. (not a programmer sorry)
  3. Is there a way to add a field to Add full URL for your social network profiles in Theme = Options? I have profiles on other pages. Can I add MYSPACE? Are the icons part of a library? If so, which library?
  4. Thank you for your help!!!

  1. Here you can find more information on how to add slider on all pages. Since you are asking to add slider on selective pages you will have to use WordPress conditional tags. Here you can read more about WordPress conditional tags.

  2. You can also add slider manually with images, excerpts, title etc. Here you can find one such tutorials which is for Dazzling theme but it will work the same way for Sparkling theme. Again you can use WordPress conditional tags that I mentioned above to echo slider only on selected pages.

  3. This theme uses Font Awesome icons but unfortunately MySpace icon is not on the list or at least I don’t see it listed. Instead maybe you can use something like users icon.

Thank you very much!