Shaking Widgets on Pages

Hi, I noticed today on different browsers that my page is jittering in certain areas and makes it very difficult to want to stay on the page and read the content.

I need to fix this right away. Do you know what might be causing it?

Please take a look here: The 23 Scariest Haunted Houses In The US, 2020 - HallowLane

Thank you!

Hi there

Sorry but I was not able to replicate your problem, can you please tell me where and how to replicate your problem?

Sure, take a look at this screenshare. See it: here

Hi There,

Thanks for the follow-up.

I checked the pages and I was able to replicate the behaviour. Is it possible that the issue is linked to the image/video immediately before this content?

Kindly try removing it to see how it goes.

Hope to hear from you soon.

There are several areas on the same page, it’s not one “image” or area. It would completely change the entire blog post if I’m unable to show images… what solutions are available?

The answer is yes, removing the image slider resolves the issue in each area, but I need to use the image slider. What do you suggest?

Hi there

This image slider is not a part of our theme or plugin, you have to contact their support

It’s a part of the Wordpress framework, not a plugin. You mean you don’t support the way your theme works on the framework of Wordpress? I’d think your theme would have to function with all events of the CMS it’s built for, am I wrong?

Hi there

It’s not part of the Wordpress, it’s part of the Jetpack plugin, get in touch with them :slight_smile:

I changed my theme and the site is working perfectly. It’s a problem with your theme, not the other plugins. What’s the solution now?


Sorry about that, this is a conflict with third-party plugins, I wish I could help but not all conflicts can be resolved with third party plugins, first of all, you have to contact plugin author in this case