Shapely 1.02 Mobile menu missing


I’m currently running shapely 1.02 and wp 4.94 and the hamburger menu will not display on either tablet or mobile devices. As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating.

I have tried updating the theme to the latest version, but this actually causes more issues, as it really breaks the layout of my site.

Here’s a link to the site.

If you have any suggestions on how to get the mobile menu back, I’d really appreciate it!



What happens if you switches to the new theme version, we always suggest you to use the latest version, that resolves most of the previous version issues, so please switch to the new theme, and tell us what exactly it cause to the layout, so that we can help you on that.

Did you edit the theme files? Is the mobile menu works before? Did that stop working after any of your changes?

Let us know,


Unfortunately switching to the updated theme breaks the site horribly (menu doesn’t work, css is broken, widgets are missing, etc etc). The site isn’t using a child theme (I know, not smart), and I don’t have the time to rebuild the entire site with the updated theme.

The mobile menu has always been flaky, but most of the time, it usually worked, however it seems to have always worked better on android than apple devices.

We haven’t done any custom theme editing that I can think of.

I will try today to install the new theme on the new host, and update this post so you can see the differences that updating to the new theme does to the site.


Ok, so I’ve updated the new site to the newer version of the template, and all hell has broken loose. Apparently we did have some custom css code on the old site, which at the moment I can live without (or try to slowly re-integrate it), but what’s worse is that the old version of the template used parallax widgets that a) are completely missing from the widget page (have to rebuild the site now) and b) aren’t available anymore?

Did the template change functions so that parallax widgets are no longer used? If so this creates a HUGE problem as the whole site was built using the Shapely widgets which seem to no longer be available.

How do I get those widgets back? (old site using 1.02) (using ver 1.21)

Hi Nick

There is no question about that you have to move to the new version of the theme, today or in future, you will be forced to do this so this is a good time :slight_smile:
Yes i see differences between new and old versions of the site, looks like you make changes in the theme files as well because site info widget under the menu is not in the theme by default,
at this point menu is not the problem for you, the problem is to fix glitches on the new website, this is what you need to do now, create child them in the new website and move all your modifications from old them to the child theme,

Ok, I will see about implimenting a child theme, and also removing our custom code for the time being, to work through the glitches…


Good evening

You are welcome, let us know if you need anything regarding theme