Shapely and Live Composer - Project Images Slider

I ran into problem when trying to use Project Images Slider from Live Composer with Shapely theme. When I add this element to the template, element just keeps loading but nothing else happens. It doesn’t matter how long I will wait - nothing shows. I can select this element and change settings, but there is still nothing on the screen, just loading icon. Also if I save everything and add photo to project, nothing shows up, when I open page of that project.
I’m using Live Composer 1.3.15. and 1.2.2 Shapely.
I tried this debugging and it showed that problem is in Shapely theme :Troubleshooting: Basic debugging process - Live Composer – Knowledge Base

I hope that’s enough information to solve this problem!

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Can i see the link to the page?
Also, when you have conflicts with third-party plugins (By default such conflicts are not supported) its good idea to open a support ticket with the plugin developer support as well, they have a better experience with troubleshoot theme related issues

Colorlib Support Team

Yes, I opened ticket in Live Composer support, and that’s how I found that problem is Shapely theme. If I change theme to different one - element works just like it should.

This is the link to the page: » 33-1 butas


There is no error log on the page, from wha ti know lot of our customers uses this page builder plugin and they hae not reported this problem before,… i think you have to work with plugin developers on this problem. im sorry to say but conflicts with third-party plugins cannot be resolved, it impossible to make the theme compatible to all page builder plugins,