Shapely and Ultimate Member having conflict

Hello there,

I really like your theme. But I have one issue: I am using Ultimate Member as a member directory plugin. When I want to display the member-list it only works one time. After that the members will not be displayed anymore (they appear and then immediately disappear.

When I clear the browser cache it works again - only one time. This is cross browsers (tested it on several different browsers).

Funny thing: when i hover the page and get to the place, where the single members should be seen, I can still click on them and get to their profile page.

I have tested and found that it seems to be because of a conflict with the shapely theme, because it doesn’t happen with the standard wordpress theme (tweintyseventeen). but I don’t want to change the theme - it is just nice!

You maybe able to see it here:

Would you be so kind and check if there is a simple way to solve this?

Thank you and best regards!


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
@Martin Can you tell me how to replicate your problem? I just checked your link and refreshed it several times, in chrome and in firefox but still can see everything on the page, nothing disappears everything is visible on the page, so, i need steps to replicate and screenshot would be good as well

Colorlib Support Team