Shapely bug, broken site


My home page loads fine, but when I get to the bottom of it and if I refresh my page then the site layout is broken. I have put screenshots so that you can understand.

Could someone help me solve this problem. Thank you very much.

Hi there

I need a link to the page, please provide it here


Thank you for your reply. Here is the link to the page:
https://couleurs sud de

With my apologies the link is this

Hey there

That’s how I see it right now, problem is not appearing for me, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot

there is a small problem the text widget below and that can be fixed by this CSS code:

#text-8 {
margin: 30px;


Thanks, it seems to work. If it comes back I will get back to you.

Ok, thanks

Have a good day :slight_smile: