Shapely Child Theme?

Good evening,

Shapely is a wonderful theme! It’s just about perfect for what I need. I do have a question about child theming though…

I’ve written quite a bit of custom CSS to tweak the theme to exactly what I want, using the Additional CSS function of the theme. My question is - should I create a child theme so that I don’t lose these customizations when there’s an update? Or am I good just backing up my customizations to a text file that I can get access to quickly in case I need to copy and paste my theme customizations?

Thanks so much for such a great theme!

Take care,

Hey there

For CSS modifications child theme is not necessary, you can save them in the additional CSS box and it’s fully safe during the update of the theme :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, that’s what I needed to know!

Have a great Weekend :slight_smile: