Shapely . enter space disappears in mobile version


The enter space of my text disappears in mobile version
in generally this is not a problem
only with one article in which I have made a list
the list with the mobile version is one long connecting line

when i work with a listblock in the editor, I cannot change the font and color, so this is not an option
(light grey letters on a white background

thank you in advance


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The link that you added was a draft so I cannot see the page, please publish the page so that I can see it.

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o sorry
here the right link:


Thanks for the link.

YOu need to ensure that you use the bullet list or the ordered list option in the page editor to have the list work better in mobile.

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yes i understood that
But in the list options comes with light grey letters on a white background
I cannot change the font and color, so it makes the text hard to read…

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Marije, sorry for asking but on this page:

i was not able to find any text with readability issues can you give ma screenshot or better reference?

yes that is because I am not using the list option now
but that makes the list in the mobile version a long sentence
here an example what the text looks like when I put it in a list:

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.entry-content p {
color: black;

Colorlib Support Team

thanks for the css code,
but it is not working for the text in the list, (normal text: yes working)

I hope you have another solution

greetings marije
en thanks so far!


Please try adding this CSS instead to change the list items:

p, span {
    font-weight: 400;
    color: black;

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that also does not work unfortunately

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I see you have changed the markup of the text and css code provided above by me is not working anymore,
try this code now:

.has-very-dark-gray-color.has-very-dark-gray-color {
color: #000000;