Shapely Font for some homepage widget and other trivia questions

Hi there, Could u kindly make a custom css for me?
1)I would like to change all the font colour for all my widgets into black except the first widget which i would like it to remain white(the Trusted.reliable. Professional text to remain white). Kindly look at all my homepage screenshots as i have highlighted in the circle all the text that i would like to change black.

2)Also, it seems that the yoast plugin does not seem to recognise the homepage widgets as it records zero words and images on the home page(see attached screenshot. I would like to ask if there is an issue with the compatibility of yoast and shapey and does it affect google’s ability to read and the crawl the site as well.

3)Thirdly i would like to ask if there is a widget for the home page that can show all my featured blog posts. with a thumbnail. I tried using the latest posts widget but the thumbnail pictures are not resized accordingly so it doesn’t look nice. Is there a trick to resixing the thumbnail pictures

this is my website
thanks in advance for helping me

Kind regards,