Shapely "Front Page" is defaut text on mobile, on desktop the page is perfect

Hi, on two sites I’m building I have the same problem, the home “Front Page” as built is perfect on desktops but on mobile it displays the default text, which I’ve replace with a static single image to get by.
You can see what I mean at
On desktop, it’s just what I want and I love it. On mobile I just put the first image in the Front Page “page” so that it shows something other than the default text that comes with the Shapely theme. I LOVE the theme, need help with this tweak.
Thank you!

Hi @tekchiclaurie,

Can you tell us which text shown on mobile, for now I didn’t see anything on the home page on the link you shared. If you give us a screenshot about the issue, we will take a look… or You fixed the issue already?

Let us know,


Ok, I’ve added back some text so you’ll see what I mean. Mobile is not displaying any of the Shapely widgets on the Front Page.
Thank you.


Can you show us a screenshot about the issue in mobile… Still I see the desktop texts in the mobile version too… No extra default text in mobile. Exactly where it appears?

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Attached is what I see on mobile. None of the parallax widgets show. I added the text and graphic to the Front Page page just so it had something there on mobile.