Shapely FrontPage Parallax Section has gap between menu and self

Hi there
I love the themes your company provides and have used a bunch for clients over an extended period of time.
Currently the website is pretty much complete. however there is one niggle that has cropped up and I have tried a bunch of css to no avail.

Initially all looked 100%, and then somewhere along the way a gap suddenly became evident on page loading between the navigation menu on the top of the page and the Shapely Frontpage Parallax section. I have switched off all the plugins and tested with no result (even cleaned out caches on chrome and firefox to make sure). So the required ones are on and running again. I also removed all the ‘additonal css’, I used to customise elements throughout the site. Same result. So they are back in place and commented accordingly - perhaps you see something I don’t.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have added a screen shot to show you. Should you require access I can provide without issue as I have created login details for support purposes.

Hello there

i see only this “Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site”

Try again now, disabled the under construction plugin now. Its viewable.

You will see the whitespace on all browsers, including when viewed off of a phone. (using built in samsung S9 browser OR chrome has same result)

Should you need some login details I am marking this convo as private and providing admin access

Username: ColorlibSupport
Password: @SomeColorlibSupport2018#

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Have you added any new code to the theme?
Before this issue occurred, what changes did you make?

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