Shapely – Hero Image BEST Dimensions for Building an Image

Hi All –

I have a PSD of a project that I am building for my portfolio site. (See screenshot. - “Hero_Final_Project”) I added whitespace at the top of the image (see image- “Hero_WhiteSpace”) in order for the full top of the image to be seen when first being loaded, but now the bottom can’t be viewed (see screenshot - “Hero_Currect-Site_No_Bottom”) Eek! So, my thinking was to just build it from scratch, again, with best dimensions for the theme, but I can’t for the life of me, find the suggested dimensions for the Hero Image in the Shapely theme!!. What are they? Currently the image in there, is too large, and some of the text isn’t displayed without scrolled.



Aiden (Isaac)

Sorry, the uploads didn’t work the first time around. Here they are.

Hey there

My suggestion is to utilize page builders like Elementor or Beaver for this problem because there is no built-in widget in the theme to match your style