Shapely Homepage WPML Translations

Hi! Great free theme guys, but it still has a lot of issues, most of which I’ve been able to circumvent.
The problem I have right now is that I cannot translate the homepage with WPML not matter what I do.


What I’ve tried:

  1. WPML String Translation
    This just brings up some junk text (placeholder) which I wrote when I was 1st creating the website. It does not show the content in the widget right now (see screenshot).

  2. Duplicating widgets on homepage and changing display language
    This is even worse. If i duplicate the [Shapely] Parallax Section for FrontPage which is the 1st widget on the page and change the display language it just throws a stream of error and the change cannot be saved. There is no way to revert this as the duplicate widget can no longer be deleted. I have to restore the website from backup.

Can you please make this theme WPML compatible?