Shapely Jetpack Portfolio pages not found

I am using Shapely and the Jetpack plugins to have the shapely portfolio widget on the home page. My portfolio items display correctly, I would click on them, I received “Oops! That page can’t be found.”

As a fix in the meantime, I created new pages for each portfolio item and am redirecting the portfolio links to the corresponding pages.

Can you help me determine why the portfolio pages/links aren’t working? I want to make sure this won’t cause problems later on or affect SEO.

My website:

Example portfolio link:

I’ve attached what the example portfolio looks like in Jetpack (indicating it is published).

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Please refresh your permalinks and try again:

Colorlib Support Team

Thanks, Noda! After I refreshed the permalinks through the dashboard, I changed the permalink for each portfolio project, saved the project, then changed the permalink back to the original, saved again, and it’s working.

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I’m glad the issue is resolved.
Please feel free to reach out once again in case you have any more questions.
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