Shapely, language and pictures error

I have a question on the shapely theme
I translated all pages the only one that I can’t translate is the home site. Well i tried to customize it to change it and duplicate the page with polylang but it comes out in only one language. And I need it in Spanish and German.

My other issue is when i open the mobile browser, the home customized image doesnt show. It also happends with other sites that the images in the german version doesnt show up either in the web/pc version or mobile version. I dont know if its a javascript error (its not js coded, all designed with shapely and created the project in localhost with xampp in wordpress and then exported and migrate/import in the host/wordpress site server.

Can you help me out please??


Hi Patrick

  1. You have to translate homepage by translating appearance > customizer section, other than this you cant translate your homepage, make sure you are using multi-languages setup of your plugin
  2. Can I see it? please provide url of your website

Have a nice day