Shapely Mobile Home Page Issue

Hello dear Colorlib team!

I love your work and use the Shapely Theme for one of my websites. However there’s a heavy issue concerning the home page on mobile devices.

  1. As you can see on

there’s a lot happening on the front page. But there’s NOTHING except the word “HOME” when I visit the page on my mobile phone.

  1. The links are completely in blue on mobile phones (the mobile menu links), and I would love to have them in the same color as on desktop computers. Also, the whole menu bar is in blue. How can I change this?

  2. At the bottom on the mobile version, there is a line saying “proudly presented by Wordpress”, which is not showing on the desktop version. I want to remove this, but how can I do it?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @dominik,

You have the jetpack mobile setting in place, therefore you could see the mobile version very different from the desktop version.

Go in Jetpack settings and deactivate the mobile settings.



Wow this was the easiest solution I could have ever imagined :slight_smile: Thanks a huge lot! This would never have come to my mind.

Best regards,

Hi @dominik,

You’re welcome.

All the best,


Im having the same problem-
Initially the only problem I had was with the parallax images on the home page-they were not responsive at all, took forever to load and scroll down to content. Ive tried activating/deactivating the mobile theme in jetpack and now the whole front page on mobile has disappeared. Styling is totally different and no images!
Here is the site:

I tried opening a thread about the images but haven’t heard anything back yet-and since then ive managed to mess up the mobile version completely.
Do you have any suggestions please n thanks!?

The images look fine on the desktop version when it is shrunk to mobile size…