Shapely Nav bar colour and text

Hi, I’m loving the Shapely theme and only a week into the build of my site and pretty new to building but do have a reasonable understanding of what I’m doing, well I think I do!

I need help with 2 things initially please:

1: the nav / primary menus bar I want to be all one colour #007cba in desktop it is on my iPhone so may just be the width of my monitor making it look white at the sides.
2: I also want to remove the search box from there if possible.

Both of which I have spent way too long trying to work out the coding for in custom css with no real joy.

Any help would be hugely appreciated thanks

Hi there

You cant change it because of this code in the customizer > additonall css:

.menu-item > a {
font-size: 25px !important;
letter-spacing: 2px !important;
color: #f5f5f5 !important;

Also, I see the search bar is disabled right at this moment

Thanks for the quick reply, should I remove this code to remove the search box?

Not sure why the search bar is disabled, nor can I see what you mean?


Well, I’m a bit confused, is that code not added by you?
that code makes it impossible to change the color of the menu, if you want to change the color you have to change the color code in the code

Search - your question was to disable it, I see it’s disabled, it’s not what you wanted?

Yeah the code was put there by me to change the menu text colour.

What I want to do is change the areas beyond the nav bar that appear white when viewed on desktop.

Also I just watched your youtube video on drop down menus and wan to change the colours to match the nav menu for the the background and text, can you help please?

Well, thats different thing
you can use that code:

.main-navigation {
background: #007cba !important;

Perfect mate thank you I’ve spent so long trying to work out something that on relection looks so simple .