Shapely not responsive on mobile-have tried all the previous forum suggestions

Thanks for a great theme guys-
but im having an issue with the mobile responsiveness.
Images not resizing. Had a look at the code and its all set to auto and % so I dont know what could be causing the problem. Tried all the fixes suggested to other forum members to no avail. Seems to just be the main parallax images-everything else fine.
I need a solution asap or im going to have to change theme as ive been trying to fix this for a couple of days now and not making any progress.


Can you show us the website address to see the issue in live? So that we can give you a solution. For now, if you’re using “Photon” Module from Jetpack, try to disable that and clear your cache and see that did something.

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Hey Laranz,
Turned off Photon and cleared cache-still no luck with the images-
No idea why they aren’t responding.
Can i give you the logins for WP?
the site is

wp login : revelcoffeeandcycle
password: Revel2017!

Its the parallax images are the problem-everything else is fine.

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Responsiveness seems to be working from my end. Could you kindly clear your browser’s cache and then provide me with a few screenshots showing the issues that you’re having from your phone?

From here, I’m seeing where all the images are being resized to fit mobile view. Some pictures won’t be displayed entirely because of the flipped aspect ratio. Images displayed on a wide screen cannot be displayed completely on a phone’s display as the aspect ratio is entirely different, so if you were to get, for example, the first image on the homepage to be displayed entirely, it would be extremely short, and it would just about make no sense.

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Morning :slight_smile:
So Ive cleared the browser cache/history/cookies ect-
its still not working on my mobile (iphone 4)-Bizzare-
But ive called up a few people to get them to check it on their mobiles and its working fine for them
So the problem seems to be fixed whatever was causing it…
Thanks for having a look for me.

heres the screens for what Im seeing anyhow…

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Hope you’re doing well today

I also, have tried it on a number of other devices and it is working perfectly for me.

I have a feeling its really just your device.

Given the advancements in web development, certain scripts are way more difficult to be rendered on older devices that weren’t made with these advancements in mind. The iPhone 4 is one such device.
Sorry about that.

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I may answer for you.

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