Shapely paragraph text not displaying

Text vanished from all Parallax widgets. All the normal text is not displaying in the parallax widgets. It shows in the widget editor but not on the screen. I have tried inserting Extra CSS but nothing seems to work. Please see screenshots. Oh, cant send attachments. I am using Shapely 1.2.10 and the latest WordPress.
Thanking you in advance.

Website is

Hey there

If im not wrong you are also using Elementor on that place? I see it on the HTML dom of the site?

Yes I did install it and have a look at it before. Does that effect the widgets, Do I need to remove Elementor from the site?

AHA! I disabled Elementor and the texts came back. Now to try to get rid of the big spaces between the widgets (or at the tops and bottoms of widgets.


Sorry, but which space? space in texts? you have to eliminate nspb between texts

There is large empty areas between texts and the beginings and ending of the widgets. I have tried putting in may different solutions after reading up on other’s issues. What seems to work is putting in the css "
section {
padding: 20px 0px;
But it seems inconsistant and then moves the images and texts in following widgets around. I presume you have to that CSS individually for each widget, or is there some guide or information to help with spacing, colours, sizes etc? Not knowing where to find the original style sheets leaves a lot up to trial and error. I managed to improve the look a lot but still not sure what I am doing. Thanks.


are you sure? those paddings are important for sections,
you can use this css code:

.shapely_home_parallax section {
padding: 0px !important;

If this is not something you expected please share the screenshot of the place you want to change spacing