Shapely Paralax, header, footer issues

The photo I have put up as my paralax background looks great on the desktop but then does not form to the size of a tablet of phone and chops the image. How can I have a consistent look through all my platforms?

I also have issues with my header and footer areas being to large and want to reduce them. I have tried CSS code from looking at the other forums on here but it didn’t work. Also I cant find the footer text that says “Colorlib wordpress site” anywhere as I want to remove this as well.

my site is


  1. A particular image size should be tricky, you need to use something like 2500 x 1000px or 1920 x 800px, try googling for best size for the parallax backgrounds.
  2. What do you mean by large, can you explain a little bit, so that I can able to provide you the Custom CSS?
  3. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS and add this CSS Snippet in it,

.footer .footer-credits { display: none; }

Let us know,