Shapely performance on mobile

I’m building this website ( using Shapely template, but the mobile version does not performance as expected.
The effect the pictures have in the desktop version does not appear on the phone version. I´m attaching some videos. Any idea how to fix this?
Many thanks

Sorry, the files couldn’t be uploaded.
here are two links to show what I mean by performance:

Hey there

What exactly is wrong with the mobile device? what is an actual problem? :slight_smile:

The effect of the pictures when you scroll down does not work in the mobile version. The image here is static while in here there’s an effect on the picture and the text when you scroll down

Also, the last image here does not load properly.

Many thanks

Hey there

Sorry but we have the same on our demo, if you compare it to our demo we have the name, this is how it works and without customization, there is no way to change this