Shapely: scroll map and scroll navigation menu features

Dear all,
this is my first post in the forum.
I’m very rookie user of WordPress and Shapely Theme.
Trying to create a new website, I started the pages creation some weeks ago and after some WordPress and Shapely Theme updates, today I’ve found two main differences:

  1. I can’t enable the “CTRL + scroll” feature to scroll the map in the contact page;
  2. the navigation menu scrolls together with the page content, instead of remaining visible on the top of the page.
    Unfortunately I can’t link any site page, because on local server yet.
    In advance, I apologize if I have not complied with some forum rules and thank you for the support.
    Kind regards,

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Cristiano in order to check this problem i need to visit the website, i cant say anything about it without seeing the website, come back to this ticket once you upload your website online

Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for your reply!
I suppose that the second issue could be related to this thread:

I will try to publish my website and keep in touch!

All the best,

if that’s the case then it will be fixed by update, please update your theme and try again

I confirm you that the update solved the menu issue.
Thank you for your kind and fast support!

thank you
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