Shapely: Search Bar

Hey folks,
I am new to the Shapely theme and quite impressed.

What I am missing is adjustment of the search bar in the header. I got the lens right of my menu but would like to:

  • Hide the lens (last resort might be CSS)
  • Change the text in the search bar
  • Change the search button text

Does anyone know how this could be achieved?



First of all, thank you if you like our theme :slight_smile:

  1. Well, you can use this CSS code but if you do this search will fill be not visible in the header

.module.widget-handle i {
display: none;

2.3. Sorry, but there is no such option in the theme, so, without modification of the theme fils such thing is not possible

Hey Noda,
thanks for the reply. I choose to hide the search button using CSS as intended.

Another problem I have:
I set a Title and a Subtitle, the checkbox is selected, but only the title is displayed. The subtitle is not rendered and cannot be found in the result HTML. Any idea what could be wrong here?


Hi there

Can you show me the screenshots? as I know there must be an only title option, pages do not have subtitles