Shapely site doesn't appear in Customizer

I’ve previously published my website using Shapely for a one page layout and was more than happy, until I recently attempted to change some wording, and now I can’t ‘find’ my content to modify it! The site is at which works perfectly and is just how I built it, but when I open Customizer I see the Static Page dummy content. My content is obviously here somewhere - I just can’t find it to edit it!

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This is strange, please go to Appearance > Widgets and check the widgets there to see if the correct content appears there.

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No, it doesn’t appear there either. If I visit the site, I get the ‘correct’ content, but in the back end, there doesn’t seem to be any reference to it anywhere :frowning:

I don’t think you can see what it is that I’m saying is displayed without looking in the back end. Would you like me to create you an admin account so you can see for yourself?

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That would be fine, simply provide the login credentials here in a private reply.

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The wordpress install is in a subdirectory with .htaccess showing it in the root of the domain. There is something vastly wrong - I’ve even changed the theme and it’s still displaying the Shapely content! I thought it might be cache related so I’ve disabled all plugins and removed the WPFC caching plugin and the cache folder entirely, but still showing the Shapely content somehow.

Username: Shapely
Password: BD4AUZG3i^[email protected]

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We need access to this page: not to this: :slight_smile:

Hey Noda
You DO have that access - the .htaccess file shows the /Tobermory directory at the root level of the doman

Sorry but i don’t understand, this website: is a different website, there is no shapely activated here and no website is set up here when i login in the provided website i see only “Twenty Seventeen” theme and starter website, please check yourself,

Hi again Noda
I apologise, it isn’t as straightforward as it might be. When I originally wished to create a site using Shapely, I installed it in a subdirectory, so that the old site was live while I was creating the new version. When it was finished, instead of transferring the whole site to the root of the domain, I used the .htaccess file to display the content from the /Tobermory subdirectory in the root of the domain.

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /Tobermory/
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /Tobermory/index.php [L]

# END WordPress

<ifModule mod_gzip.c>
mod_gzip_on Yes
mod_gzip_dechunk Yes
mod_gzip_item_include file .(html?|txt|css|js|php|pl)$
mod_gzip_item_include handler ^cgi-script$
mod_gzip_item_include mime ^text/.*
mod_gzip_item_include mime ^application/x-javascript.*
mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^image/.*
mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^Content-Encoding:.*gzip.*

There is no Wordpress installation at - it is simply showing the content of the subdirectory


I understand you, (And to be honest, what you did it was a not so good idea) but i cant see the content in the provided admin, simple, there is no your website, in other words, this website: is different and this website: they are both different websites

I don’t really know what to say - I have today started pulling apart that site to try and find the problem, and it’s very quickly become clear. That site, unlike all my others which use Wordpress in one way or another, is built on a pure html template and has only static content. The subdirectory of Tobermory was a WP powered version of the site that I obviously played around with and considered, before eventually deciding on the static html page instead. The only possible thing I can say in my defence is that I look after dozens of little sites like this for friends locally, and I simply forgot that this one, pretty uniquely, was not WP based. I am extremely sorry to have wasted your time. You may consider me rather embarrassed!
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Hello Miked1,

These kinds of things can happen sometimes so don’t worry about it.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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