Shapely theme button css not working

Hi there,

within the overall theme color css settings I’ve decided on color for the buttons and button hover effects.

But they don’t apply to the buttons on my page. Even though I’m not editing the buttons on my pages WP choose some kind of dark grey standard style button with white text within.

How do I get the overall Shapely CSS rules to apply for my sites buttons?

Thank you for a great theme by the way - I like it a lot.

Have a great day.


Hey Jakob

Looks like you already managed to fix your problem? I see all your buttons are displayed normally now?

Hi Noda,

thank you for helping out. Appreciate it a lot.

Yes the buttons are working but they don’t have hover effects or the right colors.

Shapely highlights in custpmize CSS mode that if no button colors are chosen the CSS I have chosen for Shapely will apply. But when I create a default button and choose nothing the button turns out with white text on a darkgrey background and no hover effect. And that is not the CSS I have chosen. This happen in several browsers?

How do I apply the Shapely button CSS?

Shapely link css works great by the way.

Kind regards


Hello Jakob

Try this CSS code and let me know if it worked:

a.wp-block-button__link:hover {
background-color: red;
color: black;

Please note, color codes here are just for examples