Shapely theme corrupted?

Hi I don’t know what is happening. I wanted to add testimonials to my website and installed and activated jetpack. Then when I tried to add a testimonial the page did not look as it should. So I went to check the widgets section and I am getting tons of error msgs I dont know how to fix !
I would like to avoid uninstalling everything !

Thanks for the help.

Hi there

Make a sure the shapely companion plugin is activated :wink:

yes when I had the problem the first time I uninstalled the shapely companion and jetpack then installed them again and activated them again.


Ok, if you still have the same problem please send me your admin details in a private message and I will review it

my problem is not solved.
How can I send you a private email ? I dont have the option when I click on your name.

Hi Cathie

You need to click on my avatar and you will see the option to send a message