Shapely update 1.2.2

Hey there,

I just updated the Shapely theme today and it’s messed some things on my site. I use a child theme so I didn’t think there would be any issues.

Basically, it’s changed my homepage so now some of my parallax images don’t show. Also, I use the BackWPup plugin and now it won’t allow me to backup anymore.

Here’s the link to my site:

Any help would be great! Thank you.

hey there

Yes, i can clearly see the problem,
can you please roll back theme version to working version?
please use this plugin and downgrade it, we are looking for this problem:

Hey there,

I rolled back my theme using the plugin and on the front-end, everything looks okay. I’m still not able to backup my site anymore which was never an issue until this update.

Have you guys discovered the issue with the new update? Is it messing with other sites as well?


  • George

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please try using this plugin to make the backup and let me know if it worked:

Best Regards,


I got it working. Thank you for your help!

Hi there,
I’m glad that you managed to have it resolved.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.
Kind Regards.