Shapely update coming soon?

I’ve just started with Shapely 1.2.9 and the update to Wordpress 5.6 seems to have broken some things. Specifically the ‘Coming Soon’ page.

Will there be an update to the theme?

Hey there

Can you tell me what exactly is broken? cooming soon has nothing to do with the template, isn’t related to the theme

Sorry for being such a noob, my issues were with both ‘Shapely’ and the ‘Coming Soon’ plugin. I was getting the WP white screen of death on only the coming soon page and when I viewed source in the inspector (Safari) I saw that wp-content/plugins/colorlib-coming-soon-maintenance/assets/js/vendor/bootstrap/js/ was missing. Is this an issue relating to the updated Jquery…??

While I have you the other couple of things that were giving me fits were;

Demo content was impossible to import clicking on the import linked files was met with a long list of failures. I understand that anything other than a completely clean install will cause the demo content to fail, but could there be a switch added to overcome this? 

The 'Subscribe' form on 'Coming Soon' needs more detailed instructions. Here is what I think is being asked.... create a form at mailchimp then pull the 'action' part of the embed code and paste it into the provided space. Is this correct? One thing I did notice at mailchimp was that their forms seem to all have broken out the name field to First Name and Last Name. That certainly is confusing... So maybe either more detailed instructions, or an example?  

Thanks for all your hard work and support.

Hey there

You may simple deactivate the Comming soon plugin, you can also use other coming soon plugins if this one is not working for some reason, it will require investigation of the problem

Yes, to import demo you need clear installation of the WordPress, otherwise, it will not work

Yes, you may also use that method you just described, hovewer this question also refers to the first point in my answer :slight_smile: