shapely-widget.wie is not importing


I try to install the shapely Thema. The Theme is installed and the shapely-demo.xml as well. I also installed the Widget Importer & Exporter, but when I trie to import the shapely-widget.wie file, a window pops up and says: (translated) A from this plugin created .wie.file has to been uploaded.

I do not know what to do. Anybody an idea?


Hi @yearinyear,

Check the explication from here:



I have the plugin suggested installed, however, I still get the same error as OP:

Site does not support widget

For all Shapely widgets using WordPress 4.7.2, with both JetPack custom content types activated, as well as Shapely content imported.

Is there any other fix for this?


In the github post, did you follow this:

WP 4.7.1 managed to “break” the WP Importer / Exporter plugin. And many others. The solution is to also install this plugin: Disable Real MIME Check – WordPress plugin | and then WP Widget Importer / Exporter will work just fine.