Shapley theme major issues


Has the Shapley theme been designed to work on a iPad?

Firstly I installed the theme as shown on your site but no matter how many times I reset my wordpress the demo does not install.

Secondly I have tried to use the parallax widget, once I have attached an image to widget on subsequent widgets it loads the same image regardless of what image I choose from the media library.

Thirdly once published and I view the website the scroll is not smooth it is very jumpy the parallax sections merge with each other and image that appears to have embedded itself jumps between the parallax sections.

I have been looking at a number of free themes as a test to see how they work before I part with my hard earned money.

With problems such as these it does not give me any confidence in buying a theme.

Kindest regards

Hi there

First of all, its a free theme and you don’t need to buy it

may I take a look? please provide URL and steps to replicate your problem