share on social media plugin

Hello, Thanks for the wonderful theme it really deserves 5 stars rating.

please i want to know which social media sharing plugin is used in the demo site, as i searched several plugins but the text format is not good (spacing issue) when i share the post on facebook.


Hi @bond007,

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We have used the following Yoast SEO plugin that generates open graph tags for facebook.

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Hello @Movin

i am fine thanks, hope u r well too.

sorry for confusing you, but i want the plugin name shown in the figure below that share any posts on social media. i am using sharethis plugin but yours is better.

thank you for your patience

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Hi @bond007,

Thanks for making it clear.

It’s the following jetapck plugin.

You have to activate the Sharing module of this plugin as described on the below page.


Thanks alot @Movin for your help

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: