Shop saying Blog

Hi there.

My site has a problem, whever page the shop is on it always says Blog in the top. Not shop. I’ve tried changing it. But Woo Comerece automatically assigns the shop to a page that says shop

Is there any custom CSS so I can change the word from ‘Blog to shop’?



Could you try going in Dashboard > Pages and change the title there?



Hi Cristian.

That doesn’t change anything.

Is there a way of not displaying the entire header image. Text included? Maybe that can be the fix?


Is not a good solution to hide the header because it will affect the other pages as well.

Could you provide us a wp admin and wp password in a private message?




Thanks a lot!

Hi @garfoid,

I am in, it seems that is somekind of bug, I will speak with the developer team and I will let you know as soon as possible.



Appreciate it Cristian.

Keep me posted!


I think I’m having a similar issue, was instigated by attempting to change the Blog Archive header and now when I click the link to Blog it says Archive now instead. Also tried uploading images for the Blog header and even though it suggested 1920x532 the images are scaling all wrong and now I can’t get the demo/built in image back.

Nevermind for me, the archive/blog changeroo kinda cleared itself eventually. And turning off Paralax fixed the headers zooming in when it wasn’t wanted. I’m good, carry on :slight_smile:

@smcavany ok :slight_smile:

Helo :slight_smile:

first awesome theme so far everything works smoothly but the shop page keeps displaying blog and I have tried everything to change it. Do you guys have a short code to remove it? or do you know where I could find the get.header option?

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi @noteworthymuse,

We are waiting an answer from the developer team.



Hi, I have the same issue on a site I am doing. The Events Calendar Plugin has created a page which I cannot edit the header title of. The Illdy theme for some reason automatically assigns the Blog Header text to this new page. Please see for details.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @all,

I will keep you posted asap.



Hi, I have the same problem. I can see that there has not been answers for the problem since January 10th. Do you have a fix for the problem?