Shortcode ServiceBox not linking to internal pages

I installed the recommended Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin and using the ServiceBox on this theme, but it does not link to any internal pages for the “Read More”… If I link google or any other external page for the “Read More” button in the Service Box shortcode it works… Once I add an internal page it links to the same page and not the one I set… Cleared cache too!

Please and Thank You

Ya2Sabe …a.k.a… You Already Know


I was able to add the and it worked… I was using instead of for internal pages :slight_smile: smh…


URL for your website should work with www and without it. There might be two things why they are not working:

  1. .htaccess rewrite rules are not working properly therefore it works only one way and not other way around. To resolve these issues you might want to contact your hosting provider.

  2. You haven’t assigned “A” DNS record for your domain to make it work with www and without. If “A” record is missing URL might work in most of the cases but from time to time you will see errors.