Shortcode Ultimate, tabs not working with Dazzling theme

Hello. After the latest update of dazzling some things stopped worked on my website. The Shortcode ultimate tabs are not displaying, go portfolio also has trouble displaying well.
I’ve tried updating main.js to the latest, but problem persists. Also tried rolling back theme, not working. Shortcode plugin and gallery are working well with other themes, so this seems to be specific to Dazzling.
My website:

Thank you kindly for your support.

I don’t see any issues with your website on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Did you already managed to solve this issues or you were having some local cache issues since you are using PageSpeed.

Hi. Indeed it was cache, everything works now! I believe that for some reason JQuery stopped executing on Dazzling, it took some time for it to work well. But everything got working as it should. Thank you for your work and support!