Shortcodes not replaced


first of all: Great theme, I love it. Thanks :slight_smile:
My problem is that shortcodes are not replaced in the front page.
I tried the plugins “modula”, “smartslider3” and “revolution slider” but every time my page only displays the shortcode like [smartslider3 slider=“2”]
This error only occurs on the page that I set as front page. I think there must be a problem with the Jumbotron as it’s the only content of my front page that uses some kind of feature/scipt (I’ve hidden all other sections like about, testimonials, projects). My page contains a sticky header, a top menu, the Jumbotron and the footer. All of them are configured in the customizer.
the ONLY real content of the page (in wordpress backend) is the smartslider3.

As told before I tried multiple media plugins and all of them showed only the shortcode and other pages (without Jumbotron) work.

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
The reason for this is that text in that section is sanitized, this means any HTML tag or any shortcode will not play its usual role, they will be displayed like normal text, these fields are intended to show up only raw text without any HTML tag or shortcodes, sorry but without template modification there is no chance to change this

Colorlib Support Team