Shortcodes Ultimate doesn't work?


I can’t seem to get Shortcodes Ultimate to work with Illdy.

Is it compatible? If so, anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Any one there?

Just noticed it works on Posts but not on homepage.

Hello @blinky,

Since the homepage is already getting the content from the Appearances > Customize and the widgets there, I suspect that it cannot make it work with a page builder.

Because of the static homepage, even if you create your homepage with the page builder I would say that there are no methods to get it display as the front page, but maybe someone else have tried this before and can let us know more about it.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

PS: I can recommend you to use some text widgets where you can add the shortcode manager content, it could do the trick.


I encounter the exact same problem with the insertion of an accordion with shortcode utlimate in my homepage made with illdy.
Did someone found a solution ?

I have the same problem.
It works on a test post page but not on the homepage, which is particular page -

I have pretty same problem there -