Shortcut to Home in Mobile Version

Hi, i want to make shortcut to home when we are in categories/post/page . it will be located above post.

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my website is

my username is h45asw

pass : fdasjHrae5243afrsdk

so, how is the solution ?

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There isn’t really an easy way to do this, however, you may be able to code a button manually and add it to the header using the Head, Footer and Post Injections tool (linked below):

Basically, you could use some code like this:

< div class=“back-to-home”>
< a href=“”>HOME</ a>
< / div >

You may need to use some Custom CSS to change dimensions and colors among other things, for this, you may use the Site Origin CSS plugin to generate all the CSS that you need for that. (Alternatively, you could tell me what you’d want your icon to look like, then I’ll be able to code that for you).

Here’s a tutorial on using Site Origin CSS:

After adding in the code, you’ll need to hide it for desktop, so you’ll need to add the code to your Custom CSS (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS)

@media only screen and (min-width:500px) { 

This should cover adding the link to the header, styling the link and hiding it for devices larger than mobile.

I hope this helps.

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